Thursday, September 23

Yolanda Díaz celebrates the brake on the expansion of El Prat: “It is not compatible with the climate emergency”

The Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, celebrated this Thursday from the vicinity of the La Ricarda natural area that the expansion of the El Prat Airport, which was to affect this lagoon protected by the European Natura 2000 network, has been paralyzed. “It is not compatible with the climate emergency we are experiencing,” he said, after praising and defending the environmental value of this part of the Delta del Llobregat.

The Government suspends the expansion of the El Prat airport when it understands that it does not have support from the Government

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“Spain is going to take climate change seriously, the change in the production model, which we are going to make sustainable, and this is not compatible with the project that is being carried out,” Díaz insisted on Aena’s plans to expand the runway on the sea side of the Barcelona aerodrome. “If the European Commission visited this space, it would not understand that these proposals are made,” he said.

The vice president has defended that she has always worked “in silence” to publicize her discrepancy on these plans within the Government, and has ensured that Pedro Sánchez was up to date from the beginning of his visit to La Ricarda. “The rest of the questions have to do with political disputes that keep people away from real problems,” he added about the clash between the Government and the Generalitat and within the Catalan Executive.

His highest praise has been for the mayor of El Prat, Lluís Mijoler, champion of the fight against the expansion of El Prat over this protected area. “He has represented us and represents the collective feeling of the country,” he proclaimed, also in reference to the position of the Barcelona City Council.

Díaz has attended the place together with the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, and the mayor of El Prat, Lluís Mijoler. The Government announced this Wednesday that it was suspending the project to expand the Catalan airfield on understanding that the Government did not have a clear position on the plan and even some of its members were opposed to it. After hearing the news, the Catalan Executive accused them of disloyalty and defended that they have never moved from the agreement reached between the Government and the Generalitat on August 2.

This Thursday both AENA and the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, have ruled out resuming the expansion of the airport this legislature. The minister has given up “the opportunity” to undertake the project, which is postponed for at least five years, until an investment plan for AENA has to be redrafted for the next five years. All this despite the fact that the vice president of the Generalitat, Jordi Puigneró, has shown himself willing to resume the talks to allow the investment of 1,700 million euros.

The expansion of the airport had caused discrepancies within the coalition governments of the State, the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council. The support for the infrastructure of the Junts, the PSC and the PSOE contrasted with the lukewarmness of ERC and the firm opposition of United We Can and the ‘comuns’.

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