Wednesday, February 21

Yolanda Díaz defends that the tax reform corrects the inequality gap “generated by the PP model”

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has once again defended the tax reform and has responded to the criticism launched from the PP. The Executive’s proposal, she says, is precisely “correcting” the “enormous” inequality gap that has been “generated by the PP model” and, specifically, by the policies of Rajoy and Feijóo.

The Xunta points to the fiscal confusion to conclude that the Government endorses its generalized tax cuts

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Díaz, who has participated in a meeting with canning workers in Vigo, has insisted that “there is nothing more dangerous in a society than inequality”. With the previous crisis and with a labor reform that he considers was “designed to impoverish the country in terms of salary,” the PP model “caused enormous suffering.”

Faced with this approach, he assures, the current government seeks to reduce inequality and, therefore, lowers taxes on lower incomes and raises a tribute for large fortunes. “Speaking of Robin Hood, the PP model is to give gifts to the elites, to a few, to those who always win; and ours is to lower taxes on those who have the least. Indeed, we are going in the opposite direction,” he stressed.

The second vice-president has also guaranteed that there will be an agreement within the Government for the next General State Budgets. The coalition partners are negotiating: “We will make it possible for the good of the country.” Among the pending issues, Díaz cites the elimination of cuts in unemployment policies, the improvement of social protection, measures that she has called “green” on mobility or energy and care for dependency.