Monday, May 29

Yolanda Díaz defends, together with Colau, the economic improvements of the Government: “This is also at stake on 28M”

Yolanda Díaz and Ada Colau have taken a stage together for the third time this electoral campaign to give a definitive push to the campaign of the comuns to achieve a third consecutive term in Barcelona City Council. In an act that has brought together some 2,000 people in the Sant Martí Park, the second vice president of the Government has reviewed measures such as the labor reform or the increase in the minimum wage, to which she attributes that the economy is going well today in Spain . And she has warned: “This is also played on May 28.”

Yolanda Díaz warns that Feijóo’s PP will support Trias or Collboni in Barcelona: “It will not give free votes”


Díaz and Colau have made a clear call at the end of the electoral campaign to concentrate the vote of the left in Barcelona en Comú as the “only” guarantee “a progressive coalition government” and that the right does not end up ruling the city. “I ask the socialist people at heart, the socialist mothers and grandmothers… If you have doubts, vote for Ada Colau”, exclaimed the vice president and leader of Sumar at the most critical moment of her speech. “There is the pact for progress and the pact for retrogression”, Colau later warned, referring to the option proposed by his space, to seek pacts with the ERC and the PSC, and the alliance between the Socialists and Junts who assure that it will happen if they don’t win.

A pact between the socialist Jaume Collboni and that of Junts, Xavier Trias, “would mean going back in the green transformation, in the fight against inequality and in the confrontation against speculators and mass tourism,” Colau remarked. A message to which Díaz has also subscribed during his speech. “Would it be possible that he is willing to govern with Trias, who was the one who hardened the labor reform with the PP? Is he willing to hand over the city to him? ”, He questioned.

For the final sprint of the campaign, the comuns have recruited, in addition to Yolanda Díaz, the party leaders in Congress, Jaume Asens, and in Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, as well as the journalist Bob Pop, a regular at Barcelona rallies in Comú and member of the lists. He has also sent a message of support to Colau the Minister of Social Rights Ione Belarra. And they have not missed the opportunity since the formation to show off the international personalities who support them, such as the mayors of London or Milan or the former Uruguayan president José Mujica.

“We have to continue maintaining Barcelona as an international benchmark”, Díaz expressed in relation to this support and the projection of the city with transformations such as the green axes. “Today the stake is for Barcelona to continue to shine with its own light in the world”, he proclaimed.

As usual in his interventions in Barcelona, ​​always in popular-class neighborhoods – this time Sant Martí – Díaz has puffed up the measures approved by the vice-presidency and also others by the coalition government, such as the revaluation of pensions. “A worker at 65, 66 or 67 cannot climb a scaffold”, he has expressed. And regarding the lack of workers in the hospitality industry, he has warned that 1.7 million overtime hours are worked in the sector, many without pay. “Is it a problem of lack of labor or is it that people want to work with dignity?”, he exclaimed.

In addition to insisting on concentrating the vote, Colau has made the other parties ugly by not having an alternative city project to his. “I have not heard other models beyond the idea of ​​slowing down, stopping or, as Trias says, dismantling our city project”, he stated, to later clinch in reference to Junts: “As if speculation with red carpets, tourist floors and pollution that left us. That was a disaster.”

In search of an emotional end, Colau has looked back at the last eight years as mayor and has assured that despite “so many difficulties” it is worth “to keep fighting.” She has referred to the mayoress to the “lawsuits, macho attacks, classists, fake news and smear campaigns.” “I am convinced with all my heart, soul and brain that we must continue fighting”, she has proclaimed to applause.

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