Monday, September 26

Yolanda Díaz: “Freedom is not not meeting your ex-boyfriend, it is saying the businessman you want to get paid like a man”

The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has participated in an event on feminisms organized by United We Can. The Minister of Labor has defended, in an event in which the Minister of Women of Argentina has also participated, that the movement for women’s equality “is a wave of unstoppable transformation, which unites us in different parts of the world” . And he has insisted that the space he is building is “in favor” of women. “There is nothing more revolutionary than equality,” said Díaz. The chosen date has commemorated the 90th anniversary of the approval of women’s suffrage.

In her speech, the second vice president has advocated paying tribute to mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers for the progress made. “They have explained to us that feminism is something, it is freedom,” he stressed. “[Ellas] they knew that freedom is not living in a big city where the important thing is that you do not run into your ex-partner “, he had an impact – referring to the comment made by the President of the Community of Madrid– “They knew that freedom is something very serious, freedom is that a working woman can look her employer in the eye and tell him that she wants to earn the same salary as the man who works next to her.”

This has not been the only dart that he has thrown at the environment of the popular, he has also recalled the words of the writer Mario Vargas Llosa in the national convention of the PP, where he opined that “the important thing in an election is not that there is freedom, but that there is to vote well”. “Speaking of freedom and the freedom to vote, it is curious that some people who have a lot of renown do not understand that the vote of a working woman is worth the same as that of lord that he is a Nobel Prize winner, “Diaz replied.

In relation to this matter, he stressed that certain people “continue to have doubts about the right to vote.” “We tell you that all the votes are good” – “vote what you vote” – has pointed out, to later condemn that the statements to which he alluded “are the most dangerous” that has been “heard in time.”

Díaz defends the work carried out by Equality

Díaz has highlighted that not only the Ministry of Equality is working on measures with a gender impact, this approach is also present in his department, as he has defended: “If someone is affected by the rise in the SMI, it is women.” “There is nothing more feminist than raising pensions,” he added. In the same vein, it has positioned itself on the fight against precariousness from public institutions, insisting that women are the most affected. In addition, he has recognized that Irene Montero’s department has suffered the “most atrocious machismo” and has asked his interlocutors to “take seriously all the deployment that is being done” from Equality.

Minister Montero has also taken the floor. Very excited ha sending a message to Noelia Vera, the former Secretary of State for Equality who announced this Thursday that she was leaving her post and retiring from politics. “[Querría mandar] A very strong hug from all of us to a colleague who is not here because she has not been able to be here, because she has needed to stop to take care of herself and with that decision she also takes care of this political space “, he pointed out when he took the microphone.

Taking advantage of the 90th anniversary of the conquest of the female vote, the Minister of Equality stressed that this date was “a historic achievement for women and democracy in our country” and reminded Clara Campoamor: “Memory is the best tool for build the future “. Taking a tour of the measures approved by his team, he defended that they are working on an agenda that respects diversity and guarantees “that in our country everyone is who they want to be.”

Montero has also alluded to the statements of Vargas Llosa. For the representative of Podemos, the writer has expressed “with all his lucidity.” “At least he has been sincere, many think so and he has said it,” he stressed. And he also wanted to directly address the guest at the PP convention: “Democracy is not choosing you or whoever you tell us, democracy is the sovereignty of the peoples.”

Colau vindicates the feminist municipalist perspective

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has also intervened, celebrating that a “feminist Madrid that exists and resists” still survives. In his address, he celebrated that in politics women have achieved a presence in high positions, but stressed that in other sectors such as “the Police, the economic power and the judiciary” the same is not the case. “It is ashamed of others to see the judicial leaderships made up of men,” he pointed out. Finally, she highlighted the importance of the feminist perspective in institutional politics, and in her case as mayor, from the Barcelona City Council. For this reason, he has advocated “a feminist look to achieve a democratic city.”

The event was attended by the secretary general of Podemos, Lilith Vestrynge, who has expressed her opinion on the role that women occupy in politics, highlighting that when they are “in a space of power, the reaction of the right and men of the right is they can’t do politics. ” Colau wanted to support this statement by providing several details about his personal experience. He has listed the times that some “men” have told him what he should do, jobs as a fishmonger, garbage man or cleaner, tasks that he has defined as “fundamental to life.” “If sexist comments are naturalized with us, it is the umpteenth proof that to what extent we live in a sexist society,” Colau stressed.

For her part, the United Left MEP has exposed the role that women have in the “resistance” in different parts of the world, such as the struggle of Berta Cáceres “who gave her life to prevent the privatization of water” or “women who in Africa and India they organize to defend communal lands. ” For Rego, these examples of “women who come to redefine common sense and dispute it” show that “security and wealth are community ties” and it is necessary to bet on “living in harmony with the environment.”