Tuesday, July 5

Yolanda Díaz, in her first meeting with Por Andalucía: “I am willing to take a step to win Spain”

And on the ninth day, Yolanda Díaz entered the electoral campaign in Andalusia and did so by raising her voice well above the soft tone that is known to her. It was necessary to wake up the Andalusian left with shouts and stress a campaign that seems asleep and a social space that seems “resigned” to a second PP government that all the polls predict.

The arreón that Yolanda Díaz has given to the campaign of Inma Nieto, candidate for Por Andalucía, raised the more than 2,500 people who attended the rally at the La Axerquía enfiteatro in Córdoba, shouting “president, president” . And the response of the second vice president of the Government to an enthusiastic public came in the form of an announcement, an exchange of one commitment for another. “Yes, I am willing to take a step to win Spain, but I ask you: are you willing to fight for Andalusia?”, the audience reacted with a long yes. It is, therefore, the first rally of Yolanda Díaz as a candidate for the presidency of the Government of Spain, from the platform of the left-wing coalition Por Andalucía.

Diaz has drastically changed the register, leaving his lungs to shake his own. Because today he has made it clear that these are his. “In 2018 they did not win, we lost because we did not go to vote,” he said, referring to the last Andalusian women who gave way to the first right-wing Andalusian government, due to the abstention of 800,000 left-wing voters. “I ask you here today on behalf of the repressed Francoists, of our people, that we exercise a key vote, it is a right, it belongs to you, not theirs, do not give up voting, no matter how angry you are. I ask you to go out and vote for Inma Nieto”, he shouted.



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