Wednesday, December 7

Yolanda Díaz in Valencia, before leaders of Compromís, Podemos and Esquerra Unida: “Sumar is already unstoppable”

“This is not about winning the right, but about winning the country”, Yolanda Díaz assured in an act of her Sumar platform held in Valencia as part of the “citizen listening” agenda that she is developing and that has brought together a thousand of people. “We do not come to politics to make noise, to cheer; We come to give people confidence, to change people’s lives”. The Vice President of the Government has emphasized this message this Saturday before an audience gathered at the Valencia Fair, in which there were representatives of all the forces of the left: the deputy in the Congress Joan Baldoví and the vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Aitana Mas, from Compromís; the Valencian Vice President Héctor Illueca and the spokesperson in the Valencian Corts Pilar Lima, from Podemos, and the Minister of Transparency and Cooperation, Rosa Pérez Garijo, from Esquerra Unida, among others. “Sumar is already unstoppable”, Díaz proclaimed at the end of her speech.

Without referring to the controversial statements of the former vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias, who issued explicit warnings to Díaz about his attitude in relation to Podemos, and after a week that he has confronted the leadership of that party with the associations of judges over the effects of the Law on the Comprehensive Guarantee of Sexual Freedom, the vice-president and Minister of Labour, who had met the day before in Elche with representatives of the shoe shop window sector, mentioned the large demonstration last weekend in Madrid in defense of the public health as an example of the type of mobilization that connects with his message of not fighting to make noise but of “disputing hopes”.

In a Valencian key, Yolanda Díaz has described as “an urgent task” the reform of the regional financing system that places the Valencian Community as the worst financed in Spain, has alluded to the concentration held on Friday in Alicante against the marginalization of that province in the General State Budgets, which he has said “will be corrected”, he has praised the Government of the Botanical Pact, made up of the PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Unides Podem, and has opted for the energy transition. At this point, the vice president recalled what happened at the end of the last century in Galicia – “I am the daughter of industrial reconversion”, she pointed out – and also in the Valencian Country, with the closure of the Altos Hornos de Sagunto. Díaz considers that the installation in that Valencian city of the large Volkswagen battery plant is “an opportunity”, about which he has pointed out: “To do it well, you have to row in favor of the energy transition, but you have to do it with the world of work inside”.

Housing and inflation are the two main problems referred to by Yolanda Díaz, who has criticized the banks, which “are getting rich”, and the large distributors, to which she has insisted that “they have to get wet for the people of our country” guaranteeing the shopping cart. After defending the effectiveness of the anti-inflation measures adopted by the Government of which she is a part, the Vice President and Minister of Labor has defended the role of women in politics and “tenderness in public life”. “Adding is already unstoppable”, she has said as a closing of her intervention.

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