Thursday, July 7

Yolanda Díaz joins #FreeBritney: “Patriarchal denial of our desires and aspirations is violence”

The Third Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has positioned herself against the legal protection of Britney Spears with a forceful message on her Twitter account: “Protect women, infantilize them, patriarchal deny our desires and aspirations it is violence. When that violence operates on a pop icon, it validates and normalizes it. That is why we raise our voices and denounce it. ”

Britney’s testimony in the June 24 trial to request the end of her legal guardianship has gone around the world. The singer confessed to feeling unhappy and an alibi when she needed her father’s approval to make personal decisions such as marrying her boyfriend or going to a clinic to remove the IUD if she wanted to have more children.

Jamie Spears was appointed as his daughter’s legal guardian in 2008 at his own request following two admissions for the singer for substance abuse and numerous psychiatric tests. Thus, he became a manager of his finances and his personal life, with an agreement that allows him to obtain 16,000 dollars a month while Britney has spending limited to 2,000.

The interpreter of Toxic he has tried to free himself from this guardianship since 2014 without success. In 2019, Jamie Spears gave up personal decision-making due to health issues. However, according to Britney’s statements last June, the situation seems not to have changed in practice. The singer came to beg the judge to allow her to give an interview to make public everything she has suffered these years.

When the 23-minute audio in which the artist narrated how her life has been all these years was made public, social networks did not take long to echo and denounce these abuses with the hashtag #FreeBritney, which has become a Trending Topic at the level world.

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