Friday, September 30

Yolanda Díaz, on the tension in the Government for the labor reform: “This is not about who leads, but about what we are going to do”

The debate within the Government about the repeal of the labor reform is sharpening. The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has asked the socialist part of the coalition to “clarify” about it, since, she added, they emit diverse and even contradictory messages. “It is not about who leads, about what we are going to do with the main reform of the labor market in our country,” he said in statements to the media after an act in Santiago de Compostela together with the president of the Xunta de Galicia.

Díaz understands that the changes in labor legislation, included in the pact between the Socialist Party and United We Can, are no small matter. “Not repealing the labor reform today is to continue maintaining precariousness in our country,” he declared, “is that we have women who clean rooms for three euros, or that we have young people who do not know decent work.” The tension between the partners has increased to the point that the monitoring table of the coalition agreement will meet on Monday afternoon, at the request of the leftist party. The vice president has asked “to let the negotiators work” and has described the situation as “delicate”.

He also recalled that the so-called social dialogue table, where employers, unions and the government are represented, has been working on the repeal of the labor reform since last March.