Sunday, February 5

Yolanda Díaz proposes that the “supermarkets” that do not provide an affordable shopping basket cannot distribute dividends

The second vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, assures that Unidas Podemos has presented a document to the PSOE with different measures to stop the rise in food prices, at maximums in the last four decades. Measures focused on “facilitating a shopping basket” with “quality products for Spanish families”.

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Some of these proposals “have to do with the fact that some companies that provide shopping baskets to families, if they do, act in a certain way with them. But others that cannot, cannot distribute, to give an idea, dividends, as we did at other moments of the crisis ”, Yolanda Díaz has advanced to the media upon her arrival at the presentation of a book by Pope Francis.

A few days ago, the person in charge of Labor already indicated that the coalition government was going to negotiate proposals to make basic food cheaper and also to mitigate the impact of mortgages. “Food is essential, the CPI increase of 15.4% is an impossible mission,” she assured. This Wednesday, that food price index in November has been revised by the INE, but minimally, since it remained at 15.3%.

tax measures

In the document presented by Unidas Podemos to its government partner, there are also measures to mitigate the escalation of prices by “tax route” and to act on the business margins of the ‘hyper’ and supermarket companies.

Díaz recalled that he has been warning since summer that inflation, especially its impact on food, has become “one of the main causes of concern, discomfort, and poverty” in Spanish families.

“It is essential to act and act via agreement with the large distribution companies to facilitate a shopping basket with quality products for Spanish families,” he summarized.