Friday, September 22

Yolanda Díaz says that Villarejo’s audios about Podemos are “extremely serious”

The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has described this Monday as “extreme seriousness” the content of the recordings of former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo about Podemos, just one day after the publication of several audios of the former police officer of a meeting he held with the director of the Sixth, Antonio García Ferreras, and the director of Atresmedia Mauricio Casals. In these conversations, it is revealed where the false information published in various media outlets about an alleged bank account opened by Pablo Iglesias and to which the government of Nicolás Maduro would have transferred $272,000 came from.

Iglesias criticizes the silence of Sánchez and “people on the left” about the Ferreras audios for fear of the “mafia”

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“It seems extremely serious to me. It is necessary to purge legal responsibilities but above all political ones, which are the most important”, the Minister of Labor said in statements to the media this Monday, who has considered that the information that has been known supposes a damage “to the right to information truthful and brutal damage to democracy.

Díaz has also pointed out that this “brutal attack against Podemos and the independence forces with public resources” is an event “absolutely unknown in democracy” in Spain and even in the rest of the world, for which he has called on journalists to step up and take “truthful information” seriously. “I believe that communication and information professionals must take the leading role. The time has come to take a step forward”, said Díaz.

The Minister of Labor and leader of the recently launched platform ‘Sumar’ has thus referred to the media news ‘Free Chronicle’ this Sunday, which publishes the audios that Villarejo recorded of that conversation with Ferreras and Casals about the false information published in various media outlets, including La Sexta, about an alleged bank account opened by Pablo Iglesias and to which he would have transferred $272,000 the government of Nicolás Maduro.

The information was published on May 6, 2016 by Ok Diario under the following headline ‘The Maduro government paid Pablo Iglesias $272,000 in the Grenadines tax haven in 2014’, and different media published after the Spanish police was investigating that alleged bank transfer after receiving information from the DEA. At that time, published that this information was actually a montage. During the conversation between the three, Ferreras assures Villarejo that when Inda published the information, he made his collaborator see that it seemed “gross” for Iglesias to open a bank account in his name so that the Venezuelan government would transfer the money to him. money. Despite the doubts that Ferreras alleged in the subsequent talk the information had raised in him, the director of La Sexta decided to publish the news.

In an interview with the newspaper El País published this Sunday and made before the audios were known, Díaz had also referred to the movements of the Government of Mariano Rajoy to orchestrate maneuvers to harm the formation that Pablo Iglesias led until last year: “The PP has to be held accountable of what it has done to a democratic political formation and what it has done to its leaders. The destruction that Pablo Iglesias and his family have suffered is never known in our country, nor do I dare to say that in the world.”