Tuesday, May 17

Yolanda Díaz, to the PP: “They have little to contribute to the country when they occupy their time talking about Pablo Iglesias, hairdressers and classical literature”

The third vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has spoiled this afternoon the interpellation that the PP senator María Teresa Ruiz-Sillero has directed. “I have come here to talk about my skills and you come to talk to me about Pablo Iglesias, the hairdressers and even the classic literature that I like,” criticized Díaz, who has considered that the popular deputy has “little to reproach him and what to contribute to the Government “if it takes its time” in these matters.

Ruiz-Sillero has taken advantage of a question to the minister during a parliamentary session to ask her about the former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias: “We would like to ask you about the assessment that your political boss is currently charging 5,316 euros for being unemployed for 15 months.” The senator has insisted that they would like to know Díaz’s assessment of the issue “and to know how that fits with the salary limitation they have in their training.”

He has also asked the Minister of Labor about her opinion about the government’s opposition to lowering the VAT on hairdressers, in her opinion, “a sector that has had great economic problems and therefore will result in loss of jobs. job”.

“I tell you from respect and I would be delighted to talk with you about classical music, classical literature or even about Pablo Iglesias,” Diaz replied, before defending that, during her time as a deputy, she appeared on numerous occasions and did her job . “I think you do not have too much to reproach us when this is your intervention. You will see what they do,” he reproached him.

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