Monday, May 29

Yolanda Díaz warns that Feijóo’s PP will support Trias or Collboni in Barcelona: “It will not give free votes”

Second Saturday of the electoral campaign and second visit to Barcelona by Yolanda Díaz. The second vice president of the Government has once again participated in a meeting of the Comuns in the Catalan capital to contribute as much as possible so that Ada Colau achieves a third term as mayoress, just the only thing that unites all the other candidates, she has criticized. “They have no city project, the only proposal they have in common is to defeat Colau,” she declared.

Trias and Collboni rule out being mayors of Barcelona if they do not win the elections


If last week he asked to concentrate all the left-wing vote in Colau to prevent the right from governing, taking for granted a conservative turn of the PSC in the city, this time he has influenced the same message but also citing the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijoo. At a rally in Barcelona, ​​the popular leader asked for the vote so that the candidate Daniel Sirera has “the key” to governance.

For the Minister of Labor of Unidas Podemos, these words mean that “Feijóo is willing to give his votes to Jaume Collboni or Xavier Trias in order to get Ada Colau out.” And she has warned that those votes will not be given away. “He does not give free votes. He is willing to put an end to a city model that improves people’s lives”, she assured.

Díaz, who will return to Barcelona a third time to close the electoral campaign again together with Colau, has participated in the rally with the purple MEPs Sira Rego and Maria Eugenia Palop. And once again, Barcelona en Comú wanted to take advantage of the pull of the second vice president to bring her to a working-class neighborhood and where they dispute the vote with the PSC. Last Saturday she went to the Plaza Mayor in Nou Barris and on this occasion she played in the Carmel neighborhood, an ideal location for appeals to the city made on the basis of neighborhood effort.

From the Canadian strike that achieved the eight-hour working day, more than a hundred years ago, to the neighborhood struggles in the mountain neighborhoods of Barcelona during the 1960s and 1970s, references to the working class have been a constant from Carmel. “A neighborhood made with the hands and hearts of humble people, who know what it is to fight for their rights,” said Díaz.

The leader of Sumar has continued with her criticism of Feijoo’s PP, which she has branded as an example of “bad politics”, and has warned that its policies that “deny” the climate emergency are against the times. “They do not want to convince that with a plant and a pot we are going to fight against climate change,” she lamented, referring to the words desit of the Madrid president Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Colau, during her speech, has also had harsh words against the right, and has once again singled out Feijoo, this time because the PP has denounced her and Pere Aragonès, for inaction against the squatters in Plaza Bonanova. “Since the right does not have a city project, it tries to generate noise. confrontation and tension, but we will not allow it or fall for their provocations”, warned the mayoress of the Catalan capital.

Once again, Colau has once again presented himself as the only guarantor of a government with progressive forces and that vindicates the current coalition government, unlike Collboni, whom he accuses of distancing himself from the work of the Executive. Also as usual, the candidate of the ‘comuns’ has accused the socialist and Trias of not ruling out a pact to oust her, although in recent days both candidates have made it clear that if they do not win, they will go to the opposition.

Both Díaz and Colau have wanted to highlight in their interventions some of the social policies deployed by the comuns in the city, such as the free dentist for vulnerable people. “Are the other candidates in favor of the oral health service deployed by Colau? Yes or no? And what about psychological care for people who don’t have enough money?” asked the second vice president. To which the mayoress has also added her last electoral promise: an ophthalmologist also free for those who do not have resources.

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