Thursday, July 7

Yolanda Díaz: “We are going to equalize the rights of domestic workers with the rest of the workers”

After years denouncing the situation of domestic and care workers, the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, announced a regulation to implement Convention 189 that is ratified today in Congress. At Carne Cruda we talked to her about this regulation with which she maintains that they are going to “equalize domestic workers in rights” and explains that they plan to include issues such as subsidies or withdrawal and that her intention is that “the regulation unfolds right now”.

The start-up is key for the workers and it is also important to know if their rights will be recognized retroactively, an issue on which the minister says she wants to “be cautious”, because “this part is a responsibility of the Escribá minister”.

Díaz talks about a contentious issue such as labor inspections and maintains that they are talking to workers for the “prevention of risks to feminized sectors such as home help workers.”

Another issue that we address and that is essential for the groups is to provide a budget for a structure that gives value to care in our society.

About this years-long struggle of the groups of workers, about the lack of security, the precariousness, the exploitation and the irregularity of a highly feminized job and why the ratification and, above all, the implementation of Convention 189 is urgent, we spoke in the podcast “Do not come tomorrow: domestic workers have no rights”.

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