Wednesday, December 7

Yolanda Díaz: “We don’t want anyone to tell us from above what we have to be”

Before 600 people and with the presence of Podemos leaders and militants in the audience, Yolanda Díaz presented the Sumar platform this Tuesday in Pamplona. Without explicitly mentioning at any time the statements by Pablo Iglesias in which he asked for respect for the purple formation and its leaders, much of the vice president’s intervention became a veiled response to the messages of her predecessor. “There is no one left over: we need all the intelligence, all the hands, all the affections,” Díaz began, implicitly alluding to the possibility that the path to the elections will open new cracks in the Spanish left.

Podemos asks Yolanda Díaz to respect the country’s “only transforming force”

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After requests from Podemos to clarify its roadmap and speak openly about lists and candidacies, Yolanda Díaz said that her project requires “that we stop, that we don’t rush, that we do it seriously, with everyone inside because there is nobody left. But you have to do it patiently, calmly, slowly, ”she assured. And she contrasted her ways of working with that of “small politics.” “I know you don’t want the moon, you don’t want us to promise you things that we won’t keep. What you want is that we do not deceive you. And Sumar is about doing things differently, with more patience but in a deeper, more serious way, not just as a headline hit, ”she said.

From the vice president’s team they insist that Yolanda Díaz does not plan to enter into any public confrontation with Podemos or with Pablo Iglesias, although the leader of Sumar did want to point out the noise policy during her speech. “We are tired of petty politics that only makes noise, that confronts us, that distorts us. We do not do politics to make headlines, we do it to change people’s lives, ”she exposed.

“The good politics of affections and, if something is Sumar, it is feminist. And that implies a way of doing politics that cares, that does not confront, that is not fighting all day, that seeks to dialogue and reach out. We seek to change the country to make it better, without fighting. Adding is not the complement of anyone and it is not about beating the right ”, she added.

The second vice president presented her platform as a movement attached to the territory and rooted in the people so that there is “no one from above to tell us what we want to do.” And she finished with a message about her future plans: “If you and you want to add, Sumar is already unstoppable. There is no turning back, we will continue. If you want to add me, yes, I will take a step forward, ”she concluded.