Sunday, December 10

Yolanda Díaz will gather in Valencia Podemos, IU and Compromís in an act of Sumar

Yolanda Díaz will have the support of all the Valencian parties to the left of the PSOE in the event scheduled for the Sumar platform for this coming Saturday. The stop in Valencia of the so-called listening process will become, in this way, an image of unity around the leadership of the vice president just when more riots lower the waters of her political space. Although the parties themselves are in charge of asking for caution when drawing conclusions about a unity of action that, for the moment, is completely ruled out in the face of the regional elections.

Pablo Iglesias, to Yolanda Díaz: “Respect us, what you did in Labor is extraordinary and you did it thanks to a party that defended you and is not yours”

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Podemos confirmed this same Tuesday that it accepted the invitation of Yolanda Díaz and that both the territorial leader of the party, Pilar Lima, (candidate for the city council of the capital) and the vice president and candidate of Podem for the Generalitat, Héctor Illueca, will attend this act. “Valencia is a welcoming land,” Lima assured after being asked about the presence of the party at the event and about the differences that exist in space. “People don’t want to see us talk about ourselves, quotas or seats. Our commitment and duty is to build a project for the Valencian Community that is a winner and changes the correlation of forces. Our obligation is to cover her ”, she assured before insisting that for the formation of Ione Belarra she continues to be the “most suitable” profile for the generals.

Illueca’s candidacy for the Generalitat was supported in recent weeks personally by Pablo Iglesias after Díaz herself publicly bet on Joan Baldoví (Compromís candidate) as her favorite to preside over the future Valencian Government. Some statements that caused deep discomfort in Podemos that now, with the invitation of the vice president and the confirmation of Illueca, seems to want to turn the page.

From Compromís they also confirm their presence in the act of listening. The Valencian formation has become one of the main territorial organizations allied to Yolanda Díaz both with Mónica Oltra in her day, and now under the leadership of Joan Baldoví.

Baldoví himself, who maintains a close political relationship with the vice president and who has publicly declared himself in favor of reaching an agreement with Sumar for the general elections, has been personally invited to attend the listening act. Although for the moment he has not confirmed his presence because it coincides with the National Council of his own party, according to sources from the Valencian formation.

From Yolanda Díaz’s team, they highlight that the presence of territorial leaders and militants from both Podemos and other left-wing formations “is nothing new” and define it as “the usual scene” of all Sumar acts throughout the territory. All territorial leaders