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Yolanda Díaz will visit with Ada Colau the natural area threatened by the expansion of the El Prat airport

Yolanda Díaz will visit this Thursday the Ricarda natural area, threatened by the expansion of the El Prat airport that the Government plans to carry out. The second vice president and leader of Unidas Podemos will attend the institutional visit organized by the mayor of the Catalan town, Lluís Mijoler, accompanied by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau. The intention of Mijoler is that different representatives of the Executive of Spain and the Government, with whom the work has been agreed, see first-hand the environmental impact that the expansion of the third runway of the airport could have as it is currently included in the plans of Aena. Díaz and Colau’s will be the first of these visits.

Yolanda Díaz launches her first alerts within the Government

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The second vice president has not openly rejected the Prat expansion project, although she has warned of the risks it has both for the environment of the area, as well as for the fulfillment of the commitments in terms of ecological transition acquired by the Government. In a recent interview for Ctxt, Díaz warned about the existence of an “objective contradiction between what science and common sense” and “what politics does.”

“This Government approved a Climate Change Law with which it is absolutely committed and it would not make sense to repeat old mistakes of the past,” he added, expressly mentioning his concern for “conserving and protecting territories of immense value, such as Ricarda”, the place who will visit this Thursday. And he settled: “Our country must rise to the enormous challenge for Humanity posed by climate change. It is time for Green New Deal“.

Díaz, who tends to measure his words in public when he differs from the opinion of the majority partner of the Government, has already conveyed his reluctance to the project to the PSOE ministers. The leader of United We Can, like the rest of the representatives of the political space, learned through the media of the agreement between the Executive of which they are part and the Government led by Pere Aragonès to begin the studies of expansion of the Prat.

Beyond the anger at the lack of prior information, Díaz also communicated his discomfort to the newly appointed Minister of Transportation, Raquel Sánchez, and the Vice President of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera. The city council that Sánchez directed before being called to the Council of Ministers, Gavà, did show its opposition this same month of July officially.

Díaz warned of his concern and warned that United We can review the fine print of the agreement and the repercussions it may have.

Colau, staunch opponent of enlargement

If Yolanda Díaz measures her words so as not to provoke a confrontation with the socialist branch of the Government due to the discrepancies she has, both in this matter and in others, the one who has raised her voice from the confederal space against the expansion of the Prat is Ada Colau.

The leader of Catalunya en Comú marked the line of the common by crossing out the expansion proposal as “climate denial”, since in his view there is no way to increase airport capacity without increasing CO2 emissions by between 60 and 80%, he said. “The only certainties,” said the mayor, “are the destruction of the La Ricarda protected area, the increase in flights (more emissions) and the arrival of 20 million more passengers, essentially tourists.”

Colau assured that his position was agreed with Yolanda Díaz, with whom he maintains a fluid relationship. In fact, the mayor of Barcelona said that both share her rejection of the expansion of the airport. Colau, however, has the PSC within his municipal government, which does defend the project.

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