Tuesday, January 18

Yolanda Díaz: “With the labor reform the page of precariousness in Spain is turned”

“This is one of the most important days of this legislature.” With these words, the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, presented at the press conference after the Council of Ministers the labor reform agreed with the social agents: “With this labor reform, the page is turned to precariousness in Spain. it ends the great deficit of Spain that makes us different in the EU. We finally put an end to what I have called the great Spanish anomaly “. For his part, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations of Spain, José Luis Escrivá, stressed that “this is the first agreement that has been reached in the last 15 years to have a new framework of labor relations in which they have participated the representatives of the workers, the unions, and the companies “.

The Government reaches a historic agreement on the labor reform to reduce temporary work in Spain

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Díaz has insisted that the agreement of the new labor framework “breaks with precariousness. It is a country agreement, because it has been supported by social agents, because it includes the government agreement of PSOE and United We Can and is the first agreement in more than 40 years that breaks the trend of wage devaluation and reduction of labor rights. It gives hope to those young people and women who have not known a contract that is not garbage in their lives. ”

The vice president has highlighted that the new norm that leaves the mark of the recovery of rights in the face of cuts

so much pain caused austerity, we regain rights

great goal out of the crisis based on wage devaluation

They did it with two levers that weakened workers from negotiating with two tools, limiting ultra-activity, today we are recovering ultra-attractiveness indefinitely

establish the company agreement against those of the sector, this is altered with a fundamental tool: article 42, of subcontracting, which cannot be prohibited, the agreement of the sector or the main company is recovered or if the conditions of the sector improve can be applied, is expelled from the new Spanish labor framework


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