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Yolanda Díaz’s notices

“It will not be a sum of parties”, but above all, “it will not be a sum of egos.” And at the moment it doesn’t even have a name. The Second Vice President, Minister of Labor and leader of United We Can is working on a project to broaden the political space with which to run for the elections in 2023. She follows, in her own way, the commission given to her by her friend and predecessor, Pablo Iglesias, when he announced his retirement from politics almost half a year ago.

Yolanda Díaz parks her candidacy to rebuild the space to the left of the PSOE

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Díaz, the highest valued member of the Government, lets herself be loved, but establishes minimum conditions. He had said it other times, but not with the clarity that he expressed this Thursday in the interview on Hoy por Hoy on Cadena SER: “I don’t think it’s a sum of parties or a sum of egos. I know what I am saying can generate discomfort “.

And in that last sentence is the key. The second vice president knows that some of her plans do not exactly coincide with the roadmap of some traveling companions, although no one at United Podemos, not even in Podemos, has come out to question these messages, in which the Minister of Labor speaks of weaving complicities in the left and does not even confirm that the ballot that leads in the next general elections has to be printed with the logo of United We Can.

“But will we have to put a name? Won’t that name be Podemos?” Inquired journalist Àngels Barceló. “I am not going to put the name. I do not think it is a sum of parties or a sum of egos. I know that what I am saying can generate discomfort. I do not believe in individualities. It is not a Yolanda Díaz project” , replied the second vice president of the Government, who chained a long dissertation on the project in which he works: “I am working on it. I am having many conversations. I am going to start with a series of events, in which I am going to dialogue with society. And it is not about parties or egos. It is about rebuilding a social contract with a large part of Spanish society that wants a new project. ”

And there Díaz returned to warn against egos, as he had done on other times – even before receiving by surprise the commission of Pablo Iglesias to inherit his leadership -, lamenting what she calls “masculinization of politics.” “I am surrounded by egos. I have shown […] I have never fought for these reasons, nor will I. […] As this happens or there is noise, it is likely that I will go. ”

Second notice that sends not only indoors, to the two parties that make up the coalition and in which it is not active, also to the representatives of those sectors that it is trying to unite the entire left of the PSOE.

In the interview, Díaz was also asked about her differences with Podemos. An issue that was sorted by the Minister of Labor, limiting herself to ensuring that she believes in the mix of people who think differently. And then she theorized again about the project that according to her the country is waiting and in which the parties should not be protagonists. For the interviewee, the space in which she is working must deal with “the problems of real people” and forget “about things that don’t matter to anyone”. “The parties are very important, they have to be there, but they should not be the protagonists. The parties are tools, the important thing is the people,” he said.

Four days before, Díaz was already acclaimed by the 10,000 attendees at the closing ceremony of the parties that celebrated the centenary of the PCE. Before shouts and chants of ‘Yolanda president’, the second vice president advocated the “urgent task” of “cornering hatred.” “It is a project that has to make love the center of action,” he insisted in one of the most massive events organized during the pandemic and in which he hinted that he is willing to accept the challenge.

Meanwhile, in Podemos no one publicly contradicts Díaz’s plans. Asked about his words in the SER, they affirm that they are “absolutely consistent in the arguments used by Yolanda, especially in the need to change masculinized dynamics in political management.” From Izquierda Unida, the organization that he left but is part of the coalition that Díaz now leads, they assure that the statements of the Minister of Labor on the political formations “are not an anti-political operation, quite the contrary.” Sources from the management of the organization coordinated by Alberto Garzón highlight the territorial value of its structures to “push” the Díaz project in the autonomous communities and municipalities.

The Minister of Equality and partner of the Vice President in the Council of Ministers, Irene Montero, hastened to clarify to the press that she is working “together” with Díaz “very closely” to “build that broad front”, after an event held at the Complutense University.

Very given to sharing interventions in networks, no senior official in the training led by Belarra has released the interview that Díaz gave this Thursday on Cadena SER. Whether or not his words generate discomfort, as the vice president herself implied, no one has publicly questioned his roadmap and in the coalition it is taken for granted that he will end up leading the general cartel.


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