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You can adjust the number of news in your Facebook feed | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook wants to give its users more control over the content that is displayed on their feed. The intention, according to the social network, is that people have more options to personalize their experience.

From now on, the platform provides a series of options to adjust the amount of content that people see from their friends, pages and groups. In this way, they can increase or decrease this type of content in their feed.

“We are testing new ways to make it easier to find and use the News Feed controls to adjust people’s sorting preferences and customize their News Feed,” the platform notes.

“We will begin testing in countries around the world for a small percentage of people, gradually expanding over the next few weeks.”

Thus, users will be able to manage their classification from the “News section preferences” section and increase or reduce the content they see from the accounts they follow and the topics that interest them.

According to Meta, these changes also mean easier access to controls such as favorites, snooze, unfollow, or reconnect.

For their part, companies will also have more controls to exclude some ads according to the selected category.

In this way, advertisers can choose one or more thematic groups, such as news, politics, social problems, crime and tragedy, to prevent their ads from appearing alongside posts related to these topics.

For both users and advertising companies, these changes should be gradually available in the coming weeks.

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