Thursday, September 16

You can be in the trailer for this tape thanks to the deepfake | Digital Trends Spanish

More and more applications for deepfake technology appear. We have already seen how it allows actors who have already passed away to “act again.”

Now, the film industry has also explored another possibility, one for advertising purposes. The production of the film Reminiscence, starring Hugh Jackman, allows anyone to be part of the trailer through a deepfake.

The creators have teamed up with the Israeli company D-ID to present an interactive sneak peek that relies on this novel technology.

For this, the production invites people to upload a photograph of their own or of another user. The image is then animated and inserted into a short trailer for the new film.

The place New Atlas did a test and shared the experience. They explain that it’s not the most flashy use we’ve known of deepfake technology, but at least it’s a fun way to feel like you’re part of a movie preview.

“While the most dire applications of deepfake technology tend to dominate media reports, these alternative explorations of the technology perhaps offer greater insight into where things are heading in the future,” the article notes.

This is probably not the last time we see deepfake technology helping promote the next Hugh Jackman movie. It is a useful and entertaining resource that makes viewers feel like they are part of a movie.

Reminiscence is a science fiction film, written and directed by Lisa Joy, who we met as the creator of Westworld.

You can test the interactive trailer on the film’s promotional website at East link.

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