Wednesday, January 26

You can go to Soda Stereo’s “Gracias Totales” tour with a T-shirt on NFT

Key facts:
  • NFTs can only be paid with ether, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency.

  • Some collectibles grant preferential access to the concert on February 27, 2022 in Miami.

Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio, the two members of the Argentine band Soda Stereo, will resume their “Total Thanks” tour in Buenos Aires. The first two dates are scheduled for this weekend, December 18 and 19, which their fans will be able to attend if they buy one of the digital collectibles that Enigma Art launched on the non-fungible token market (NFT) today.

The “Gracias Totales” tour could mean the last opportunity to enjoy Soda Stereo’s music live by Zeta and Charly, who will celebrate his career and honor his late and legendary singer, Gustavo Cerati.

So, to celebrate it in a particular way, the band will grant preferential seats to those who buy their NFTs, as indicated in a statement sent to the CriptoNoticias email.

A fan who purchases a Golden Access-type NFT will receive 2 special tickets to enjoy “each of the Soda Stereo Total Thanks tour dates, including soundcheck and backstage”.

Soda Stereo’s NFTs are paid for with ether (ETH), which is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. Fountain: Enigma Art.

NFT grants preferential seats to see Soda Stereo

The official virtual T-shirt of the Gracias Totales tour is already on sale in the NFT Enigma market. Fountain: Enigma Art.

Additionally, all digital collectibles in the Sound Check Access series will include two sound check passes. The owners of these NFTs will receive preferential seats for the concerts in Argentina and the United States., the latter to be held in Miami on February 27, 2022, as indicated in the note.

The third series of Soda Stereo’s NFTs is made up of 50 different models of virtual T-shirts autographed by Charly and Zeta. These collectibles on sale now on the Enigma Art marketplace for 0.03 ethers (ETH), about $ 120 at the current price of the cryptocurrency, according to the CriptoNoticias price calculator.

Matías Loizaga, CEO of Enigma Art pointed out that the company took into account that Soda Stereo has fans of different generations throughout the region and for that reason they decided “to work with this first NFT selection as a way to reinforce that bond.”

Soda Stereo is considered one of the most important bands in Latin America. Their music transcended throughout the continent from 1982 to 1997. They released seven studio albums and thousands of tours mainly in Latin America. They were also the creator of hits such as “American Persian”, “The City of Fury” and “Seduction Games” .