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You can now block other users on Spotify | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify incorporates a new function that is intended to prevent unwanted interactions on the platform.

From now on, the service streaming Audio will allow you to block other users directly without having to ask for outside help to do so.

According to an article by EngadgetBefore, other users could be blocked, however, it was necessary to contact Spotify customer service.

How will it work?

Now, to block another person, you have to access their profile on the platform and press the menu button where several options will be displayed, including those to block. It’s next to the “share and report” option.

When someone is blocked on Spotify, this person will no longer be able to enter our profile. You will also not be able to see the public playlists that we have created or the songs that we have recently listened to. Of course, this same option can be unlocked easily.

According to the company, users of the streaming They had long been asking for the option to block others on the platform.

Spotify explains that the introduction of a direct blocking feature is part of an “ongoing mission to provide users with the best possible experience and to promote a safe environment for them to listen to music and podcasts”.

This new tool should start rolling out this week.

“Spotify may not be the first service that comes to mind when you think about blocking other users. However, the application features of streaming they could mean that someone with whom you no longer commune can continue to access your playlists or your activity, “says Engadget in relation to this new feature.

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