Wednesday, July 6

You can now buy from WhatsApo: Facebook integrates its online stores | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook extends a new bridge for the development of electronic commerce on its platforms. The social network said on June 22 in a blog post which expands its sales platform to WhatsApp. The company has also made the announcement of new technology that makes use of augmented reality to find new products within Instagram.

Facebook ensures that more and more users who buy through WhatsApp, either for transactions between individuals or in stores, use WhatsApp as a means of communication with their customers. Now, thanks to the integration of the Stores tool, companies will have the option of associating their Facebook store with their WhatsApp account directly. In this way, users can access the store from the messaging app to see the products for sale and purchase them.

The integration with the Facebook stores with WhatsApp allows customers to see directly and through a simple interface the catalog, price, characteristics and various photographs of the products. At the moment this new functionality has been launched in the United States, but according to Facebook’s statements, its intention is to expand it to other markets, among which it is presumed will be Spain and Latin America.

Regarding the new visual search tool for Instagram, the social network clarifies that it will be powered by artificial intelligence and that they will begin to test it this year. According to Facebook, visual search helps people find similar products (such as dresses in a certain color or pattern) just by touching the image of a dress they like. They hope that in the future the tool will also allow searches within Instagram through a photo taken by the user, a similar operation to that already offered by Google Lens.

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