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Google searches marked a clear trend for fans of mobile soccer video games: FIFA Mobile 22, When does it come out? Well, the wait is over, and you can now download it at Android Y iPhone.

The new season is now starting to update on the App Store and Play Store! 🥳

If you do not see the option to update yet, please allow a few hours for it to appear in all regional app stores. We can’t wait to see you on the pitch! 🔥

— FIFA Mobile (@EAFIFAMOBILE) January 18, 2022

Electronic Arts (EA) describes the update of FIFA Mobile 22 as “a new era for the popular title, preparing it for a live service that will continue for years to come.” The first “news” for fans of the game is that the free to play scheme is maintained, so you can download FIFA Mobile free, although chances are that sooner or later you will spend a few dollars on character packs for the mode FIFA UltimateTeam Or simply soccer, the most popular of the series.

FIFA Mobile 22: these are the news

In a statement, EA noted that the update FIFA Mobile 22 It includes graphics at 60 frames per second as its main novelty, as long as you have a recent device. However, the company stresses that there will be “additional settings for users to adjust the visual experience, ensuring compatibility with many types of devices.”

EA updates FIFA Mobile with 60fps gameplay, new camera angles and new commentators.

Other new features include the ability to switch between four camera angles in real time during a match. Additionally, there are new camera options for goal kicks, free kicks, corner kicks and penalties, as well as in broadcast replays.

Last but not least, the game includes live audio narration from “legendary commentators from around the world”, available in 11 languages, including English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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