Tuesday, October 19

You can now remove Twitter followers without blocking them | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter continues to add features aimed at giving users more control over their accounts. The last thing is the possibility of eliminating a follower so that it stops following you without having to block it.

Until now, in order to force a user to stop following us, we only had two options: block him or make him a “block & unblock”, that is, block him and stop blocking him so that he no longer follows us. However now the social network of microblogging has introduced this new function with which we can make a smoother blocking.

The option is now available on the web version of Twitter. To remove such a follower you just have to enter their profile and click on the icon with the three dots next to the one for private messages. You will see that now, along with the rest of the options, one appears that says ‘eliminate this follower’. If you click on it, this person will automatically stop following you.

The new function may be too lax in the case of users who annoy or harass us, since the person in question does not follow you, but can continue to see your tweets and interact with you by sending direct messages and mentions. I could even come back to follow you whenever I wanted.

If a user is bothering you, you have the possibility of, in addition to blocking them, reporting them for abusive behavior directly from a tweet, profile or direct message. In more extreme cases, such as credible threats that could put your physical integrity or that of another person at risk, Twitter recommends that you contact the police directly.

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