Monday, November 29

You can shine and save the planet: they have invented a plant-based, plastic-free bio-glitter

We seek to limit plastics in packaging, in vehicles and in devices, but what about things as mundane as glitter? It seems harmless, but at the end of the day we are throwing kilos and kilos of microplastics and aluminum on horseback riding.

Now Cambridge University has found the solution: a “bio-glitter” that removes all those plastics and it replaces them with a material based on cellulose nanocrystals capable of shining like traditional glitter thanks to its own structure. Those responsible say that it is a shine similar to “that of the wings of a butterfly or the feathers of peacocks.”

Abundant, easy to extract and even edible

The best part is that this material can be found in abundance: it is in the pulp of the wood cellulose itself, as well as in the fruit and the stem of plants and vegetables. What’s more, it can be used in cosmetics and can even be edible.

The reign of plastic is coming to an end: these are some of the candidates to replace it

In Cambridge they are already working on methods to extract this material on an industrial scale, drying it on a special film and then laminating it as you can see in the image above. Even this manufacturing method itself consumes less energy than is normally used to make plastic glitter.

The plans, for the moment, go through further optimizing this process and get to sell the glitter in a few years.

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