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You can use your iPhone to accept card payments | Digital Trends Spanish

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Apple announced that within the next few months it will enable a function that will allow an iPhone to be used as a payment terminal, through which payments with credit and debit cards can be accepted using NFC technology.

The function will be called “Tap to pay”; and it is probably called “touch to pay” in Spanish.

“This new feature will enable millions of U.S. merchants, from small to large stores, to use their iPhones to simply and securely accept Apple Pay, contactless debit and credit cards, and other digital wallets through a simple touch with your iPhone”, Apple noted in a statement.

Apple said it will allow payment platforms and developers to integrate this feature into their apps. The first platform to integrate the feature will be Stripe, which will add this payment method to the Shopify Point of Sale app.

It is likely that other apps dedicated to processing electronic payments, such as PayPal or MercadoPago in Latin America, integrate this function.

He also specified that Tap to pay will work with credit and debit cards. contactless issued by American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

Apple said that the function to use an iPhone as a payment terminal will arrive “in the coming months” through a software update for iOS.

Also, although Apple did not specify it, Tap to pay works using the NFC chip of the iPhone, which Apple began to integrate into its cell phones starting with the iPhone 7, so models such as the iPhone 6s or the first generation iPhone SE will not be able to make use of this function, even if they have iOS 15.

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