Sunday, October 17

You did it again Pablo

Valencia 2021 was Valencia 2008, or worse. At least in 2008 Esperanza Aguirre proclaimed from the rostrum that she was not resigned, a minute before Marianism passed over her. The Ayuso on Tour “Cañas For The World” 2021 is summed up in a fight with the Pope that His Holiness will not even have known about, a duplex with Telemadrid with Casablanca in the background and a parody of the now mythical “my-site-is-Madrid-no -wait-it-is-Murcia-no-wait-it’s-a-joke “by the president of Murcia, López Miras; to save the leader even the tedious work of sending her to her room to reflect on what she had just said.

In addition to making a fool of herself by sparing Pablo Casado’s life, the president of Madrid has shown once again that she does not know her party well. Nobody has explained to him that, in the Popular Party, the more they applaud you, the more in danger you are. You can ask Esperanza Aguirre, Cristina Cifuentes or Paco Camps. If any baron had any doubt that he could not even go to have a beer with her, it was cleared in Valencia. If in the leadership of the PP there was someone still willing to agree to be president of the party in Madrid, in Valencia they will have decided to be silent forever. Preventing it was previously a matter of authority. Now it has become a question of survival. Díaz Ayuso cannot take control of the device in Madrid. Genoa has seen it confirmed and Genoa never loses.

In the PP they have decided that corruption no longer hurts them, that their job now lies in putting the party in line and convincing people that Casado can be president because he is going to have to. Surely they are right. For that the convention was organized and it ended in the bullring of Valencia. Leaving aside some details, such as having to dedicate part of his speech to answering the slips of the speakers who were sprinkling the week with joys, everything was ready for Casado to demonstrate that he had learned the lesson, that he has already understood that the legislature has It is going to exhaust that a government party agrees on government issues, as Mariano Rajoy explained, that the elections are won from the center and that Vox, no water, as Núñez Feijóo explained.

But instead, he’s back to business as usual. It throws him to go to the mountain and not to the center. It is his nature, as the scorpion would say. He did not resolve one of the contradictions that weigh down his leadership. We Spaniards are eager for freedom and entrepreneurship, but we are also a group of indoctrinated people who vote for what they tell us in exchange for a subsidy. He is not going to mention either the government or Sánchez because he comes to tell us about the PP and its leadership, but he only knows how to speak well of himself by speaking ill of Sánchez. He comes to excite and sell freedom, but the bulk of his program consists of selling more prohibitions, more punishments and turning into a crime everything that he does not like or anything that is not thinking like him.

No one can go to the center and the mountains at the same time, not even in the PP. This has been, is and will continue to be his mistake and he has done it again. To paraphrase Fernández de la Mora, so much party at the service of nothing.

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