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“You’ll see” by Funambulista: “I sang it to the girl I had left him with, but it was useless”

He has always been a rebellious singer-songwriter, a “loose dove.” When he was very young, he listened to Nirvana and Silvio Rodríguez at the same time and put Pedro Guerra’s verses into the lyrics of his hardcore band KTF — Ke Fuck You Acronym — without his colleagues in the group finding out. Today Diego Cantero (Molina de Segura, 1982) continues to be an insurgent. At least when it comes to music labels. That is why, although he writes ballads like nobody else, he has just published a singing to life post-pandemic, with Latin and salsa rhythms, without any stylistic prejudice.

The leader of Funambulista has been singing about love and heartbreak for two decades and composing for other artists such as Raphael and Malú, but nothing in his life came at once. Before, he had to make an effort, deliver many pizzas and set up too many Casablanca Orchestra stages: “Ride, hit the smoke machine, wait for the performance, dismount, put everything in the truck, travel to another city and start over” . Something similar happened with You will see. Like his career, it grew “slowly” until it became one of his most iconic songs: “It is the one that has touched the people the most. He became great playing it with Andrés Suárez at Café Libertad 8. We were sixty people in that room, but today they have seen that video nearly twelve million people. ”

Diego Cantero composed it in the 2000s, when he was in his twenties who won music competitions in his town: “I wrote it to a girl after I left him. I had a screwed up time and, when I started to get over it, one day, he rang the bell and told me He says, ‘Hey, look, what if we start over?’ That is precisely the question that the chorus of the song introduces. “I sang it to him, but it didn’t help. It always happens. If you ask the musician you ask him, he’ll tell you the same thing. When you make a song for someone in particular, it usually happens that someone blows it completely, never they make the slightest fucking case of you and then the rest of the world tells you: ‘I wish they had written a song like that to me’. That is our destiny as musicians, “he confesses resigned with a jocular tone.

The third part of “You’ll see”

He began to play it in bars in Murcia and between drinks he realized that “the verses that you write at home, begin to turn into phrases that many hum and that are filled with their stories.” This song was on the drawer for a long time until he published it in 2010 and he played it with Andrés Suárez in 2013. It was then that success came and people began to make it really their own: “But it never sounded in the media because, As I had previously edited it and I did not record it again, we did not present it on the radio to make it sound either. She grew up alone and I am glad it was like that.

Many people do not know that the original song did not have a third part that Diego composed fourteen years later: “Tato Latorre told me that he was missing that part and, although it surprised me, I listened to it. I sat down and it came out supernatural, it was something miraculous . The lyrics fit together perfectly, that’s why some people don’t even realize it … If I play it live, they sing it. If not, they don’t miss it. I finished the puzzle and it turned out well. ”

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