Wednesday, July 6

Younes and Samuel

In March 2012, a young gay man, Daniel Zamudio (25), was attacked and tortured to death by a group of men who beat him for hours in San Borja Park in Santiago de Chile after leaving a gay nightclub. The next day, the writer Pedro Lemebel, who was still alive, wrote on his Facebook only a withered phrase: “cruel beasts of the parks.” Lemebel knew those beasts very well, the “knackers”, as the aggressors of queer feathers are called in my country. He had felt very well the corner of his hatred, the nightclubs, the dark parks. In his books there are queers raped, beaten, murdered, by Nazis, by males, by policemen, by bullfighters who prefer to kill them rather than accept that they want them. Those beasts socialized in cruelty and programmed in contempt for life repeat their macabre actions until it becomes everyday, almost normal. That is why it has happened again with Samuel in Coruña, shouting like a fag. And it happens every day.

You have to be a very straight man who writes in Voz Populi or El Confidencial to think that those apocalyptic mares climbed on strawberries with cream floats like Lemebel are bourgeois who distract us from the revolution, left queer brilli brilli without struggle, without tragedy, without pain. Cruel beasts of the networks, let them know that these crazy women are the revolution, they have injuries, they take care of their sick parents, they walk down the street in fear, they risk their lives while they shine and laugh out loud. And on top of that they kill them. Lemebel also said that in order to found a new left that includes us, we must “create, forge, be able to copulate.” Learn.

But queers are not alone. On Monday it was made very clear in the streets of all Spain.

You have to be a very white man who writes on any right-wing digital to brand the anti-racist movement and its struggles as merely identity, as being a fashion brought from the United States before the still fresh corpse of Younes Bilal, the Moroccan man shot dead in Murcia after having asked his murderer what he had against the Moors whom he insulted. The day after Younes was killed, the Plaza del Sol in Madrid was not crowded with people as it was on Monday because of Samuel, we did not reach a hundred people. We are still too alone. But Younes was also killed for who he was. Because we maintain colonial power relations, because white supremacy is imposed and subordinates the rest with violence.

You have to be very white and very far-right and be part of this racist system with honors to have supported the stupidity of the Vox cartel against migrant minors, as the Provincial Court of Madrid has just done, justifying the violence against a vulnerable group . Because behind the bullies and the racist murderers there are others who point at us; because there are those who normalize violence and those who execute it; those who trivialize and torpedo our struggles in the symbolic and those who physically attack their political subjects. And they all have a first and last name. They all display their cruel beast power to the masses. They flaunt themselves before the aspiring beasts, because thus they maintain their status as beasts. And the rest of the herd copy, effect, hit the coup de grace. As long as Vox, the Beast, continues to be one more party, a voice in the media, one that fills the mouth of the word legality in Congress when they should be outlawed by extremists, we will be unprotected.

In one of his stories, ‘Poppies also have thorns’, Lemebel describes with his style of brothel couplet how a scene of carnality between two men suddenly mutates into crime. From carnality to carnage: “they charge on the weakest skin, the most exposed.” They do it against the weakest and most exposed because they can do it, because there is a perfectly oiled death machine that supports their crimes.

Women took to the streets against the herds of the world, Black Lives Matter spoke out against the racist attacks of every day, resistance and trans fury came out against those who tell them they have no right to exist. And because we left, today we are experiencing retaliation, they have declared war on us: Feminazis, crazy women, shitty Moor, I’ll kill you fag, illegal person, kidnapping mother, damn Sudaka I’m going to stab you, cheating diversities, dangerous feminist minister, misogynists in a dress Mafioso mantero that you profit and you take the work from the real Spaniards. But the social struggles of the present are inhabited by new subjectivities, bodies and stories, regardless of who it may be, and the horizon is none other than that of common resistance, by Younes and Samuel.