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Young man turns half a ton of cans into a Nintendo Switch | Digital Trends Spanish

This is a viral story, one of those that strikes a chord, and is starred by a young Chilean resident of the Santiago Metropolitan Region. Benjamín Mallea recycled almost half a ton of soda and beer cans to fulfill his dream of having a Nintendo Switch.

Judging by the pages of the notebook that her sister Claudia showed in her instagram accountthe boy set off with his collection on June 27, 2021. By March 4, 2022, he had already collected 495.13 kilos (over 1,090 pounds) of aluminum.

“After nine months of collecting cans, [Benjamín] He managed about 495.13 kg to achieve his goal”, celebrated his sister, who shared images and videos of the feat, in addition to sharing thanks on the social network after purchasing the portable console.

Credit: @drabototo/Instagram

The “odyssey” prompted praise from the Municipality of Lo Prado, the town hall that corresponds to Mallea’s home, located west of the Chilean capital. “It took him almost a year, but he did it and it seemed tremendously important to us to share his story, because it reflects that the effort bears fruit,” he published on his social networks.

The record in the book of the young man from Santiago shows that for each kilo (2.2 pounds) of soda cans he received the equivalent of one US dollar. The process took 250 days, that is, just over eight months.

Because a standard-size can (330 cc) weighs almost 14 grams (0.5 ounces), according to the portal Research and Sciencethe Nintendo Switch portable console could have meant close to 35,000 units.

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