Thursday, March 30

Young man who tracks Elon Musk now does it with Russian tycoons | Digital Trends Spanish

His name is Jack Sweeney and a few months ago he became famous for creating a bot (@elonjet) capable of tracking billionaire Elon Musk’s private jet in real time.

Not content with also trying to track down other celebrities like Bill Gates and Donald Trump, the young developer now wants to get in on the hunt for Russian tycoons like Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

All encouraged by the war between Ukraine and Russia, where these millionaires have been accused of taking advantage of Western currencies.

To achieve his tracking goal he created Russian Oligarch Jets, where he continuously tracks the private planes of multiple influential people in the country. In addition to the aforementioned Abramovich, there is Alisher Usmánov, one of the largest shareholders of Arsenal in the English Premier League and the third richest man in Russia according to Forbes.

Roman Abramovich's Jet LX-RAY Took off near Moscow, Moscow Oblast, UK.

— Russian Oligarch Jets (@RUOligarchJets) March 1, 2022

One of the objectives is to create awareness in the international community, since most of these tycoons have made their fortune thanks to the Vladimir Putin regime; that is why the European Community and the United States have blocked their assets in the Russian Central Bank, which include yachts and expensive mansions.

To defend his mission, Sweeney comments that his Twitter accounts have “every right to publish the whereabouts of the plane, ADS-B data is public, all planes in the world must have a transponder.”