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Young people are bringing back folding phones | Digital Trends Spanish

If you’re millennialYou probably remember phones like the Motorola Razr. We are talking about the old folding cell phone launched in November 2004 that had a small screen on the lid and that came in various colors, including a fuchsia edition that was used by Rihanna and Paris Hilton.

In 2005, that phone was The most sold from all over the world, and was so popular and distinguished that this tech icon was featured on celebrity gift bags at the Academy Awards that year.

As time went by, folding phones were discontinued and huge flat terminals with a screen that covered most of the surface arrived, so the opportunity to go back to using a folding phone seemed more and more distant.

However, it seems these classic phones are making a comeback, along with the pleasant sensation of closing the lid after finishing a call or typing messages with a T9 keypad.

In May, a social media manager from Amsterdam named Amber Giesen (26), was throwing a party with a theme of the year 2000 and needed a characteristic accessory to present there. So what he did was buy a Motorola Razr in a fuchsia shade through eBay; That’s right, sixteen years after the launch of that mythical phone.

Giesen documented the unboxing of your “new” acquisition on your TikTok account, @wuddleboo, and there he showed his two megapixel camera and the limited range of games, while playing the song “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

“Buying it was very nostalgic for me because I saw all the features my mom used to have on hers, like the camera and the little games,” Giesen told Mashable.

On TikTok, the tag “flip phone“(Folding phone) has more than 230 million views, and for every video featuring the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – the flip phone that the Korean company launched in August this year – there is one by someone young. promoting the use of flip phones old to take a break from social media.

A creative agency with specialists in Internet and youth culture called The Digital Fairy, coined the term “nostalgia for vintage technology” in TikTok, where they expose the “fall of Apple aesthetics” for teens and young adults.

In the video, the agency posits that minimalist technology, primarily exposed by Apple devices, is boring, and as a result, Gen Z is ushering in a new era of recycled products with various colors, customizable, and Vaporwave visuals, which are based on an aesthetic related to devices or software from the 90s and early 2000s.

This is how wired headphones are making a comeback, vloggers they are occupying old cameras to record their videos; and now you can even buy an iPhone case so this one looks like a classic fuchsia Razr. Apparently Generation Z is fascinated with the (now) retro style that previously marked the childhood and youth of the millennials.

But it’s not just TikTok users who are setting this trend. In the video for the song “Luv is dro“By rapper Jack Harlow (23 years old) everyone is seen using flip or flip phones, just like in the video for”You can’t sit with us”From K-Pop artist Sunmi, who just appears wearing a fuchsia Razr.

According to Biz Sherbert, culture specialist at The Digital Fairy, “aesthetically, folding phones are much more exciting than today’s stylish smartphones.”

“There was more variation in the style and design of the flip and flip phones, from the invincible, utilitarian Nokias to the business Blackberrys and the bright pink Motorola Razrs. There was more personalization and style in mobile phones, “he added.

foldable phone

For a generation of digital natives, like Z, who have lived their entire lives in front of screens, a more analog existence is more attractive in 2021.

A report 2019’s Common Sense Media revealed that the average screen time for teens is seven hours and 22 minutes, and that doesn’t include time spent in front of a screen at school or due to homework.

That is why Generation Z is preferring folding phones, since, in addition to having a different aesthetic than what they are used to seeing in current technologies, they represent an alternative way of life, one in which you can have seven hours a day for other activities. They are captivated by that possibility: more free time.

These young people are disconnecting from modern technology and, in fact, encouraging others to do the same. As one user says in TikTok: “This is your cue to get a flip phone for the summer and take a break from toxic social media <3".

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