Thursday, September 16

Your next Lyft ride could be on the Wienermobile | Digital Trends Spanish

Oscar Mayer is an American sausage company that, in addition to selling its pork and sausage products, created the Wienermobile. It is a car made in 1936 that is shaped like a sausage on a loaf.

The Wienermobile, which measures 8.2 m long and 3.4 m high, has been circulating in the United States for more than eight decades, functioning as a particular way of promoting its products.

Now if you like hot dogsYou are in the United States and the idea of ​​moving on top of this curious vehicle attracts you, you have an opportunity to do so.

The Wienermobile can be used this week in the passenger transport application Lyft. However, this service will be available only in some cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Between Wednesday and Friday of this week, passengers who are in those cities and request a Lyft XL (a service with SUV or Minivan type cars) will have the possibility of meeting the Wienermobile to take them to their destination.

Once you arrive, two five-star Lyft drivers will be out front, piloting the giant sausage and listening to loud music.

The arrival of the Wienermobile will be a surprise, so you will not know if you will get this or a regular car until it reaches your location. Clearly you will realize immediately if you are lucky, because to meet a huge hot dog having your name said on a neon board is not something that happens every day.

In addition to a free ride in Oscar Mayer’s car, the company will be giving away items such as t-shirts, hot dogs and whistles in the shape of the Wienermobile (Weenie Whistles) to passengers at random.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the Wienermobile to take you to your destination, you can decline the free ride once it arrives to pick you up. Then the giant sausage will continue on its way in search of another group of unnoticed passengers.

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