Friday, December 8

YouTube and Reddit also announce sanctions against Russian media | Digital Trends Spanish

Various technology platforms have responded to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. YouTube has been one of the latest to jump on this trend by signaling that it will block some Russian media outlets in Europe.

Thus, in a statement, the popular video site announced that it will prevent the broadcast of content by the Kremlin-linked media outlets RT and Sputnik, thus following the prohibitions warned by Facebook and TikTok.

“It will take time for our systems to get fully up and running. Our teams continue to monitor the situation 24 hours a day to take prompt action,” explained Google’s video streaming service in a statement.

The YouTube ban will apply within the European Union and the United Kingdom. It should be remembered that other companies previously prevented RT and Sputnik from earning money from advertising on their YouTube channels or from buying ads to promote themselves on Facebook.

Reddit against disinformation

For its part, the Reddit platform has suspended the Russia-linked subreddit due to misinformation, while Russia Politics has also been “quarantined” despite having been created a few days ago.

Subreddits that have been quarantined don’t show up in searches, recommendations, or fedds. At the same time, any user who finds a way to contact a quarantined community receives a warning about the content.

In the case of the Russian subreddit, the message alerts that it contains a high volume of “information not supported by credible sources”.

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