Saturday, November 27

YouTube, consider yourself challenged: Patreon to offer its own video platform to creators

Twitch live streaming and its subscription system are succeeding, but YouTube continues to hold the throne when it comes to time-lagged videos. However, there are those who continue to believe that this may change in the future: Patreon has revealed that it is working to offer its own video platform..

“That any creator, regardless of the medium or format, can generate a business with their work”

The move is interesting beyond the challenge of facing YouTube. Patreon has gathered to a good community of users who subscribe to content from creators, and these can reach earn six-figure income monthly depending on what they offer. At the same time, youtubers have been regularly complaining about the platform’s remuneration mode, for example what Wismichu said a few years ago.

But if creators can combine paid subscription tiers with video publishing, it can be done. a mix of Twitch subscriptions taking advantage of delayed video and other formats that can be uploaded on Patreon. The service now uses the Vimeo infrastructure to publish its videos, but the goal would be to gradually abandon it as the platform itself was implemented.

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In the words of Patreon CEO Jack Conte a The Verge, “We are creating a horizontal architecture so that any creator, regardless of the medium or format they use, can generate a business around their work.” We will have to see how it performs, but a priori it seems like a good base to form a suitable alternative to the ubiquitous YouTube.

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