Friday, September 30

YouTube does not want climate change deniers | Digital Trends Spanish

Google has taken a more critical stance towards content that promotes disinformation on its various platforms.

The company just published a new policy for YouTube, specifically related to climate science.

From now on, the site prohibits advertisements and monetization of content that contradicts the “well-established scientific consensus” around climate change.

This includes videos that claim that climate change is a lie or that deny that human activity is responsible for global warming.

This measure will begin to be applied by the platform in November

The company, yes, will allow ads in videos where these false claims are discussed, in addition to other topics related to the climate crisis, such as the exact degree of human impact or debates on climate policy.

According to the video platform, advertisers do not want their ads to be linked to material that denies climate change.

“YouTube is concerned that it could lose business, and eliminating the monetization of fake science is an easy way to avoid that loss,” states an article posted on Engadget.

In recent times, different platforms and social networks have taken a critical stance against misinformation on the web. This includes political issues, the coronavirus pandemic, and the climate crisis, among others.

It should be remembered that, in the last month, scientists have once again emphasized the urgency of adopting serious and responsible measures in the face of the increase in global temperature, especially after a disturbing report published by the UN in August.

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