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YouTube removes a classic meme for being violent | Digital Trends Spanish

Over the years, YouTube has grown into a generous library hosting thousands of videos that people can access freely and for free.

In this platform there is practically everything, from complete films, to short records that over time have become true classics.

Recently, the company has made a drastic decision regarding one of these contents. It’s about the popular meme Ah * fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this, which has remained in its catalog for more than a decade.

Ah fuck: YouTube takes down classic ‘I can’t believe you’ve done this’ meme

& mdash; The Verge (@verge) September 29, 2021

Basically, it is a video recorded in low resolution that shows two friends and one of them violently hitting the other. The youngsters were supposedly trying to do a Jackass-style skit.

The company has decided to lower the registration of its platform as it considers that it violates its violent content rules.

This situation has not satisfied the protagonists of the meme. One of the young men, Paul Weedon, shared the news, noting that he could not understand the company’s determination, particularly after all the time the video was online.

Well, that’s that then. A fittingly stupid end to a stupid era.

& mdash; Paul Weedon (@Twotafkap) September 29, 2021

“It was totally unexpected. I have argued that it has been online for 15 years and is basically part of the Internet culture, ”Weedon explained in a note from The Verge.

There has been so much controversy that this situation has aroused, that the creator of the meme himself recognized his intentions to carry out a documentary to show the story behind the classic video that is no longer part of YouTube.

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