Thursday, January 27

YouTube TV and Disney reach an agreement: ESPN and more are restored | Digital Trends Spanish

Just a day after YouTube TV lost access to ESPN, ABC, Freeform, FX and other Disney-owned channels, the two companies have reached an agreement.

YouTube TV sent an email to its customers on Sunday, December 19, to confirm that all Disney channels have been restored and that they will receive a refund to their account of $ 15 to make up for the brief interruption.

“We promised a $ 15 discount while Disney content remained off the platform and we will continue to offer it to all affected members. Those active members who have not yet received this discount on their monthly bill, will automatically receive a credit on their next bill without having to do anything, “YouTube explains in his email.

Since December 19, YouTube TV returns to its price of $ 65 a month for almost 100 channels, and it is unknown how many subscribers it could have lost due to this brief dispute with Disney.

Despite the fact that Disney’s blackout barely lasted 48 hours, this could have caused YouTube TV quite a few problems as it coincides with the start of the college football postseason. And is that a large number of games will be broadcast on ESPN and ABC, including the two semifinal games of the national championship and the game for the national title that will take place on January 10.

At the moment the agreement that the two companies have reached is unknown, but in previous statements Google said that it wanted Disney to offer it the same rates that other services of a similar size pay for its channels, a negotiation similar to the one it closed with NBC By the end of September.

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