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YouTube will delete all anti-vaccine videos | Digital Trends Spanish

YouTube has made a drastic decision regarding the false information about vaccines that is published on the platform and from today on, it will remove all content with anti-vaccine themes or data.

The company published in its official blog that this is an extension of the policies that they had already implemented some time ago regarding COVID-19 and that allowed them to eliminate more than 130,000 videos in which false information or contrary to what science has said was given.

Therefore, YouTube determined to expand that same policy to vaccines in general, not just those related to the pandemic. “We have seen false sayings about coronavirus vaccines appear frequently,” they say on YouTube, “and we are at a point where it is more important than ever to expand the work we started with COVID-19.”

These new YouTube rules are very specific regarding the content that will be banned from the platform. And videos that claim that vaccines cause chronic side effects, question their effectiveness, or give false information about vaccine components will not be allowed.

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The list of published examples by YouTube is long, but among other things it mentions false claims such as those that claim that vaccines cause diseases such as diabetes or cancer, that they claim that they do not reduce the risks of contracting diseases, that they cause autism or that they are part of an agenda to reduce The world population.

Videos that do not comply with these rules will be removed and the user who uploaded it will be notified. And in the case of repetitive behavior, the channel could be completely removed from the platform.

YouTube says that these new content policies were consulted and developed in conjunction with international organizations and supported by studies by experts and scientists. Now, as always happens, one part is theory and another is practice, and it will be necessary to check whether these new rules prevent anti-vaccine videos from continuing to proliferate on YouTube as they have been up to now.

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