Friday, December 3

YouTube will hide the amount of ‘dislikes’ of its videos to silence the stalkers of the platform

New YouTube gesture that seeks to mitigate harassment on its platform. The service has announced on his official blog that, from today, will hide the amount of dislikes (‘I don’t like’) that they have the videos. The button will still be there, but no one will be able to tell how many people have pressed it. You cannot make fun of what is not seen.

If no one sees the dislikes, it is not worth organizing to increase them

The normal thing up to now was to be able to see how many likes And how many dislikes has every YouTube video, but that has served as the basis for groups of people to organize and harass video owners by hitting the ‘dislike’ button en masse. The worst part is taken by creators with few followers, a favorite target of these harassments.

YouTube has made this decision after doing some previous experiments, seeing that hiding the amount of dislikes has reduced these types of attacks on creators. Only those creators will be able to see the amount of ‘I don’t like’ left by users from their private YouTube Studio panels. Groups of stalkers may continue to organize this type of harassment, but no sailor is going to realize it.

The movement follow similar decisions in other services como Twitch, from where they have been suffering calls for a long time hate raids (people who organize to suddenly enter a live show and insult), and who have already led the company to sue the perpetrators of those attacks.

The change starts today, but it will take a few weeks to spread both on the web and in the official YouTube applications. If in your case you can still see the amount of dislikes in a video, the best thing is that you go saying goodbye to them. Ironically, the amount of dislikes of the video ad posted by YouTube already exceeds the number of likes you have received.

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