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YouTube will hide the number of “dislike” of the videos | Digital Trends Spanish

Youtube announces a small but perhaps important change in the interactions of the community: from today they will hide “I do not like” of the videos.

On YouTube they say that this measure is to allow an inclusive, safe and harassment-free environment for all. Thus, for example, it is possible to prevent and avoid so-called dislikes attacks that were coordinated between several to attack a content creator. Based on the results drawn from the initial study, the number of attacks was reduced when the disapproval count was hidden.

The company explains that in 2021 they carried out an experiment by hiding the count of dislikes of the videos. The thumb down button was still present and people could “dislike” the content, but the big difference was that the number of dislikes It was only visible to the creators of the channel and not to the rest.

YouTube’s Matt Koval also reveals that by hiding the number of dislikes, there were no major changes in large-scale video views. On the other hand, the functionality of this button remains the same as always: to know what content a user is or is not interested in and, based on this data, to refine the algorithm of recommendations that are presented.

Koval assures that the decision has nothing to do with what happened with the YouTube Rewind summary of 2020, which was received very negatively by the majority of users. “Of course, some internal teams could know what it feels like to have many dislikes”, He assures.

From now on, the “dislike” of a video can continue to be seen by the creator of the same from the YouTube analytics panel, but the fact that they are not public will prevent people from stressing when the unwanted thumbs down appear in your clips.

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