Tuesday, May 17

YouTube will stream the women’s Champions League for free | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent times, women’s football has achieved important and well-deserved recognition. In this sense, one of the most popular competitions is the Champions League.

Everything indicates that this tournament played by women footballers from different European clubs will continue to add fans, since YouTube announced that it will broadcast the cup in its entirety and free of charge.

In accordance with EngadgetThis was achieved after an agreement between UEFA, organizer of the event and DAZN, which has the broadcasting rights of the matches.

Thus, YouTube will be able to broadcast all matches, except those of the qualifying rounds. There will be a total of 61 games available for free worldwide, except in the Middle East, North Africa and China.

This agreement between the platform, UEFA and DAZN extends for four seasons, until 2024-2025.

This collaboration will also mark YouTube’s entry into the lucrative arena of sports broadcasting. It will also help a greater number of fans to follow the Champions League in its female version, especially by a sector of the public that is not necessarily attracted to the content that the platform usually offers.

It will also put the Women’s Champions League in a better showcase, allowing fans from all over the world to see some of the best footballers from the Old Continent in action.

What was announced by YouTube could be emulated by other streaming platforms, since there are still many competitions starring women that do not have the same diffusion or exposure as those animated by their male colleagues.

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