Friday, January 21

Youtuber Alexandre Porto criticizes Nano cryptocurrency

Youtuber Alexandre Porto called the attention of the Nano cryptocurrency community in Brazil by criticizing it, saying that it is not in a good moment.

Porto is known for owning a YouTube channel that bears his name and discusses about Philosophy, Technologies and cryptocurrencies. three years ago he recorded a video criticizing Bitcoin as a currency, saying it was better as a store of value but bad as a currency in everyday life.

In Alexandre’s opinion at that time, “it wouldn’t be possible to make Bitcoin a perfect currency, with a solution being the creation of a better currency, such as the Nano”, for example. YouTuber came to remember that many currencies have tried to be better than Bitcoin in the past.

When the Brazilian youtuber met Nano, it was still called Raiblocks, with the proposal of not paying transaction fees, a project that promised to be better than Bitcoin at the time. Porto also liked the IOTA and Bitcoin Cash projects when he spoke well of Nano.

Youtuber Alexandre Porto criticizes the Nano cryptocurrency phase

The peak of the Nano currency was in January 2018, when this cryptocurrency reached the price of US$ 33.69 in the market. After that, the currency was caught in an attack that hit the main brokerage that had this market, the deceased Bitgraill, which may have been the catalyst for the problems for the currency’s price, which never recovered.

After three years in which Alexandre Porto said he believed that Nano was better than Bitcoin, he ended up telling the Brazilian community that XNO is not doing well.

Alexandre Porto calls attention to cryptocurrency Nano /Facebook

Since the currency boom and Porto’s initial speeches about it, the price has fallen by 88.4%, a market that seems to have no more strength to recover, hence the outburst of YouTuber recognized for defending this market and freedoms that he brings.

Nano has already changed its name, which was previously called Raiblocks, its symbol (previously it was XRB), but none of this has helped the project to return to its golden age, even with Bitcoin registering an intense increase in recent months.

From the historical perspective of the coin’s proposal and its reality in the market, it is possible to say that the coin has fallen into limbo, occupying only the 179th position of the market cap today and with its proposal becoming less and less relevant, given the growth in the adoption of Lightning Network’s Bitcoin as a means of instant and low-cost payments.

Anyway, after Alexandre Porto’s criticism, Nano registered an increase of 8.5% in the market, quoted today at US$ 3.95 per currency.