Monday, September 25

Youtuber Cauê Moura says that NFT is the result of capitalism to take “money from suckers” | Bitcoin Portal

YouTuber Cauê Moura, famous for being tongue-in-cheek, explained his views on NFTs in a video last week. For him, the new type of investment is the result of capitalism that creates “useless things that take money from suckers”.

To his 5 million followers – and in his own way, Moura said that he wanted to see “ancaps (short term for anarcho-capitalists) cutting themselves, tearing the c* in the chapisco wall” by the definition he would give to the type of asset.

He then defined NFTs as “lack of artificial digital creation for the sucker to feel exclusive being the owner of a jpeg”.

Before, however, Moura said that capitalism works with scarcity: “Elon Musk can have everything and many people have nothing. For Jeff Bezos to go to space, there has to be people starving,” said the youtuber.

For Moura, capitalism works with the maintenance of inequality and poor distribution of resources.

“It’s scarcity talk; capitalism thrives on scarcity”, he pointed out, adding that in the digital environment this has never happened and that jpeg is a jpeg and that anyone can have an image on their cell phone.

He gave an example simulating a conversation.

“Oh, I liked this photo…

– I also have!”

“Then capitalism says, look, let’s solve this there. Let’s create a digital scarcity too. Let’s bring capitalism to a place where it didn’t make sense; let’s ‘make it make sense’. Let’s take digital art reproducible on any device and let’s pretend that only those who have money can have it. That’s basically it.”

What are NFTs

NFTs are cryptographically unique tokens that can be used to prove ownership of content such as images or music. In blockchain games, NFTs allow users to own game items such as clothing or virtual terrain.