Monday, March 4

Youtuber creates prototype to use DDR4 memory on boards with DDR5 | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the problems with leaps in technology is that some components are becoming obsolete, despite the fact that technically they still have a useful life ahead of them. An example of this is what happens with processors and RAM memories, in which the change of socket or socket requires that the updates be complete and that they include both a processor and a motherboard.

But nevertheless, a youtuber named Bing -and supposedly, also an employee of Asus- gave with an interesting system that allows using DDR4-type RAM memories on motherboards that use DDR5 memories. To do this, he built an adapter that adds to DDR4 memory and with which it can be connected to a DDR5 slot on the Asus Z690 motherboard.

But this adapter is only half the task. The other half has to do with managing the memory data itself, as DDR5 and DDR4 have several differences in the way they move data and use power from the board. DDR4 technology uses a single 64-bit channel, while DDR5 uses two dual 32-bit channels on each memory module.

To solve this problem, Asus created a special version of the board bios that does the necessary conversions and allows the DDR5 slots to be used in DDR4 mode, to put it in some way. This new bios also changes the way in which electrical current is sent from the board to the memories, to avoid incompatibilities and that the data that moves remains intact.

While this idea can be very useful on paper, it is only a prototype and therefore hardly going to go on sale unless Asus wants it to. Meanwhile, users who want to make the leap to DDR5 will have to continue paying somewhat inflated prices for memory, which has increased in value thanks to the shortage of chips.

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