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Youtuber loses BRL 200,000 after investing in NFT game

After CryptoCity metaverse tokens lost 99% of their value, several investors began to lament losses on their social media. A youtuber says that lost 200 thousand reais in a single NFT game, his followers rack up even greater losses.

In addition to CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes and CryptoGuards games, users also comment that they lost money on other play-to-earn games like Grand Prix, Block Farm and even the giant Axie Infinity.

On the other side of the coin, many people continue to say that they will continue to invest in P2E games. After all, whoever gets in first will profit off the backs of the next ones, so your role is to keep encouraging such behavior.

Youtuber loses 200 thousand reais in NFT game

In a video posted on January 27, youtuber Cryptobee, promoter of NFT games, claims that he lost more than 200 thousand reais after the fall of CryptoCity, a pseudo-metaverse that involves the games CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes and CryptoGuards.

“I’m going to show you how I lost more than 200 thousand reais, in just one game, I’ve already had much more loss than that, but in just one game I lost more than 200 thousand reais.”

Explaining her loss, the youtuber claims to have five different accounts with five CryptoPlanes planes in each of them, noting that income had already dropped 25 times.

“CryptoPlanes has already earned me 1,000 dollars a day, these last few days it didn’t even make 40 […] and it happened very quickly.”

As for the value of each plane, Cryptobee says it’s difficult to know exactly how much he paid for each plane. However, she explains that she bought seven at the historic high of the price, paying 15 thousand reais for each of them, totaling R$ 105 thousand.

Going further, she estimates that she paid at least 6,000 reais for the other 18 planes in her collection, that is, 108,000 reais. With that, their losses exceeded 213 thousand reais only on CryptoPlanes.

Despite the losses, the youtuber says that he will continue to invest and promote click-to-earn projects, that is, games you don’t even play. As an example, it is already posting videos about the Luna Rush it’s the Savebee.

Followers also report losses from P2E games

As these games closely resemble financial pyramids, the latest entrants end up facing the biggest losses. That is, for every person who claims to have made money from these games, there are others who have lost all their savings.

Just in the comments of the video above, it is already possible to find several investors lamenting huge losses. Some of them claim that they have already lost money in several games, looking like a psychological experiment.

“I was completely in love with the NFT’s market, however I lost money on all the projects I entered, I’m very bad, extremely sad! I joined Block Farm and I got dick, I got Grand Prix and I got dick, I got Axie [Infinity] and I took a break, I entered CryptoCars and I took a break, I entered Zodiacs and I took a break, I lost approximately 15 thousand [reais]”

NFT Game Investors Mourning Losses. Source: Youtube

As seen above, there are several cases ranging from a few hundred reais to the six-figure range. Some have already realized that the model of these games is not sustainable, while others say they will continue looking for others to recover the lost money.

The simple question here is this: where do these people think their profits come from, if not from the pockets of other “players”?

Youtuber gets real about NFT games

While it is rare to find a lucid youtuber when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Rodrigo from the Motivação Digital channel made a statement after the CryptoCity tokens crash, stating that people are paid to promote such projects.

“Do you think these content creators present these opportunities to you for free? These people are paid, and paid very well. I know this because, a few months ago, I was invited to present this crap, the contact came from Vietnam, they offered me 3 thousand reais for each video…”

Going further, Rodrigo explains that most youtubers also present a panel with fictitious data, sent by the developers of such games.

“All the platforms that I’ve been telling you that are financial pyramid systems, one day fell. I tell you about the main YouTube channels that preach the lie and you don’t believe me. Where are the youtubers who said this was a gold mine? Where are you to put your face? To apologize? Where are you?”

Famous Youtubers Promote NFT Games

In addition to NFT-focused YouTube channels promoting such investments — likely making contributions before their followers — it’s also worth noting that even larger channels do so.

As an example, we have Peter Jordan of the Ei Nerd channel promoting the CryptoCars video to over 1.9 million followers of his other channel, Business Nerds.


Peter Jordan of Hey Nerd promoting CryptoCars.

However, interestingly the video was deleted after the recent 99% drop in CryptoCars. So far there is no official statement about what happened on his channel.

How to choose an NFT game?

Finally, when investing in P2E games, it is recommended that you forget that it has NFT and ask yourself: would the public buy such a game if it did not use buzzwords such as NFT, metaverse, cryptocurrencies?

After all, most of these pseudo-games are just financial pyramids. In other words, its developers put an animated wallpaper, on top of a ponzinomics, for you to look at while hoping another sucker sends you money. Who in their right mind would buy a game they can’t play?

Also, it’s worth noting that while any business in the real world has an estimated payback of at least two years. Meanwhile, many people promise that these games will make you a profit in less than a month. And they even do, at least for the first investors in these pyramids.

Those who have lost money can complain to those who are bragging on social networks, these are their real enemies. As if that wasn’t enough, they are already bought and inviting you to the next game that, according to them, has a lot of potential.