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Youtuber suffers minutes of terror: he is locked in his Tesla Y | Digital Trends Spanish

Minutes of terror lived in his Tesla Ythe British YouTuber Tom Extonafter his car commanded him to stop before it suddenly shut off and trapped him inside.

According to Business Insider, “Exton was driving to London on Thursday night when his five-day Model Y asked him to pull over because it was “closing up.” He did and within minutes “all the power to the car was gone,” Exton told Insider, adding that he felt trapped since Tesla’s doors need power to open and close.”

“I couldn’t open the door by conventional means, so I had to use the manual emergency latch on the door.”

The only way at that point to get out of the car was to grab the “mechanical release handle located near the window switches.”

Exton followed these instructions, which “somehow broke the driver’s window.”

The YouTuber expressed his frustration in a tweet and said he had to wait more than two hours for roadside assistance to arrive. It took him about six hours to recover the vehicle.

Safe to say horror stories of @Tesla cars being appalling seem true. Brand new fully charged car just cut out on the motorway. Had to use emergency door release to get out, which somehow broke the drivers window.

Shit show @elonmusk

— TGE (@TGE_LDNM) December 8, 2022

“There’s a reason they got so many out the door on cheap lease deals. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Polestar. Or anything other than a Tesla,” he wrote.

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