Friday, January 21

YouTuber Who Promoted Bitcoin Pyramids Publishes Video Ripping Money

Diego Aguiar placeholder image is a name known by many investors in Brazil, mainly for promoting several bitcoin pyramids. He is also known for being accused of different activities such as the manipulation of NFT markets and even for his involvement with the cryptocurrency pyramid. YouXWallet.

In a recent video Diego drew attention to how, by showing his success as a “risky market investor” he simply tears up a $100 bill as he shows off his bedroom which is “in the Maldives”.

For many, ripping money is crazy, but, of course, in Diego’s case the idea is just to create another one of those advertisements that cryptomarket influencers love to do to show how much they earn within their investments.


In another moment of the video, Diego says that the daily rate in the room he is in costs “50k”, but that this amount is no longer needed, again indicating that he is boasting about the money he earned in the market he claims to invest. He ends the video saying that in life we ​​cannot be afraid to take risks in order to succeed.

In the video it is not clear where he invests and where investors should risk, Diego only talks about what when he started “in this market” his friends didn’t believe in him.

As many know, Aguiar had a great involvement with the YouxWallet financial pyramid, being one of the poster boys and one of the supporters of the scheme, even appearing in promotional material.


In addition to his involvement with YouXWallet, Diego was also connected and was one of the promoters of FxTrading, which also proved to be a financial pyramid after attracting several investors.

Furthermore, Aguiar has also been cited as one of the promoters of a cryptocurrency called Louvre Finance, which became popular and attracted several investors with its price hike, before the price plummeted, revealing a pump & dump scheme in the currency.

Diego is also known for having a channel on the Telegram where he publishes trading signals on the Forex market, such as on the IQ Option platform, which is not allowed to offer services in Brazil and has already been alerted by CVM about his performance.

The recent video obviously wants to convince anyone who will watch that if he joins Diego’s groups or invests in what he suggests and “risks” he could end up like him, tearing money apart.