Wednesday, March 22

YouTube’s plan to beat Twitch includes NFT and metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

YouTube has just announced what its plans are for 2022. Through a statement, the head of the platform, Neal Mohan, revealed the main features that should arrive this year, part of YouTube’s strategy to beat Twitch.

Google’s video site will give more importance to content creators and offer new ways of monetization. Thus, those who generate material can add the Super Chat function for their paying followers or they can offer the possibility of making purchases directly from a Short.

Gift subscriptions, meanwhile, will allow another viewer to subscribe to a channel that is broadcasting live. It is a new tool, similar to those used by Twitch, and should be launched in the coming months by the video site.

This year, YouTube will also introduce collaborative live streaming, which allows creators to live stream together and create streams that can be more engaging for audiences.

For their part, streamers will be able to set guidelines for the channel, which can help guide the conversation and guide users.

This feature could be useful for viewers and broadcasters as it could tell the audience what to expect from the various live streams.

YouTube also wants to order the comments so that they are in sync with the specific moment in the video. Thus, the opinions of the spectators will be related to what is being reproduced at that moment.

Finally, the video site confirmed that it will implement NFTs on the platform, in addition to betting on the blockchain. Neal Mohan also claims that the platform has “great ideas” for the metaverse.

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